I do research though design. Weaving together materials. Exploring new tools. Applying design techniques. Interpreting new uses for technologies.

My background is broadly situated in a manner of design practices. A self-taught web designer and front-end developer, I am since educated as an Industrial Designer. While maintaining an interest in the development of both tangible and online products, my attention has recently shifted to research through design. My primary interests are to use design techniques, such as prototyping, co-designing, and fiddling about with new tools, to investigate new sociotechnological phenomenon. In particular, I extend this to layperson involvement in the design and production of goods.

I am currently undertaking a PhD research project which looks at Additive Manufacturing (AM), colloquially known as 3D printing, and its perceived role in a future industrial economy. The thesis is about providing a technological critique situated from within design practice and situated knowledge. Through this I attempt to draw between different lines of technical development as well as emergent social uses of AM. Coming out of this is a concern for how to reflect on the capabilities that are in AM, such as customisation and enhancement, through open-ended play, speculation and improvisation.

As a design educator, I am interested in facilitating students to engage with practice-based design, and creating a space in which design may close the boundary between abstract, theoretical concepts and physical stuff.

You can access my profile at ResearchGate here, and my LinkedIn here.