With ‘play’ as a starting point, I created Do-It-Yourself (DIY) book concept. The project, titled FamilieFåretaket, collected a series of creative projects for children between 3 & 99. The emphasis of the task was to create the visual identity and brand, as well as illustrating the content of the book through a few exemplary DIY projects.

Looking through this project years on, I see a lot of links between this project and my current views on design learning and education. Looking back at the statement I wrote as a part of the project mission (see the the paragraph) below, it still gets me excited!

“As the work on the book progressed, I realized that creating and making things have a value beyond itself. By dreaming up something and then putting dreams into practice, you understand your own abilities and skills. To see a potential is to enable action. This way you can set new goals. If not The Sky Is the Limit – at least it is not very far away.

If you have a goal of earning money, you can sell the apples from your garden. If you like moving dirt, you can create your own wheelbarrow. If you have a Thor Heyerdahl adventure dream in your stomach, you can start with making a model raft. It all starts in your mind.”

This project was done in the autumn of 2010 during my studies at AHO as an undergraduate.