Light for Life

’Light for Life’ is a bicycle jacket for a safe journey. The starting point for this project was simple – how to make a visible jacket that does not involve highviz colours, reflexes and safety vests.

This was my first real project as a design student at AHO. It started off with interviews of bicycle couriers, as I wanted to make a product that would fit their needs. This evolved into a very causally looking jacket with an integrated blinking circuit that was operated by buttons hidden in the cuffs (possibly not the most ergonomical position). The lights, with were moulded into ordinary buttons, were located in areas that were highly visible from the rear, yet allowing the use of a backpack.

During the course of the project I learned a lot about sewing and lilypad prototyping boards (a washable version of the Arduino, developed by Leah Buchley). It even earned my a prize at an competition for DIY instructions!

This project was done in the spring of 2009 during my undergraduate studies at AHO.