Packaging for the SunBell lamp

BRIGHT Products is a Norwegian company with a mission to turn the world on through smart, simple and sustainable power solutions. The SunBell Lamp and Mobile Charger was developed by K8 Industrial Design based on market insight from Lighting Africa and several other reports addressing consumer and small business needs in the Off Grid market. 

I was commisioned by K8 to create the packaging for Bright’s first product. The packaging serves as a protective enclosure for the product itself, but is the first impression the customer is left with when purchasing the product. The packaging adresses the need for:

  • Informing the content
  • Suggesting a context of use
  • Being visually intriguing
  • Conveying the Bright brand

The background monotone colours are consciously placed to signify the product colour. The design is driven by product photos, and complemented by distinct iconography to inform the customer of the use, application, and packaging contents. The product photos were given a clear, glossy coating to add to the feel of quality.