Cargobike canopy

In 2016 I bought a Riese & Mueller Packster 80 cargobike. While I was very happy about the bike, I was not too pleased about the accessories for the bike, such as a rain- and windproof canopy. Or rather, I was disappointed because there simply wasn’t one at the time of my purchase.

So, in good spirit, I decided to make one. Should take too long, I initially though. As it turns out, making a canopy for a bicycle is pretty hard. Its outside all the time, and used on an everyday basis. Its never properly maintained (how often do you clean your commuter bike?). Someone is going to be inside of it (my son). Someone is going to open and shut it every day, often twice (me). Its gotta fit the overall shape of the existing bike. In all, it’s a bit of a challenge.

The project is ongoing in the sense that it’s on my bike. But I see this project as a continuous process of prototyping, and I will probably never finish the project. However, I have been using it for a whole winter, and its still there!